Upgrade Your Bathroom with Delta Tub Faucet Handle: Stylish and Durable

Ah, the joys of⁣ upgrading your bathroom fixtures! ⁤Today, we’re diving into our⁤ experience with the Single Metal Lever Handle⁢ Kit for 1300/1400 ‍Series Tub Faucet for Delta H79 in Chrome. It ⁢may seem like ⁤a small detail, but‌ the right faucet handle can truly ‌elevate the ⁣look and functionality of your tub or shower. We recently got our ‍hands on this ⁣replacement ​part⁣ for our Delta faucet and we‍ can’t wait to share⁣ our ⁤thoughts with you. From the sleek chrome finish to⁣ the durable ‍metal construction, this‍ lever ⁢handle​ is ​designed for⁣ ease of ⁤use and temperature control.⁣ Join us as we take a closer look⁤ at this essential bathroom accessory and ⁢see if it lives up ​to‍ our expectations.

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Our Single ⁢Metal⁤ Lever Handle Kit is the perfect addition to your 1300/1400 ⁣Series Tub Faucet for Delta H79. The sleek chrome finish not only adds ​a modern ​touch⁢ to your bathroom, but also extends the look throughout the bath. The durable⁢ and strong metal construction ensures that⁤ this handle ⁣will stand the⁣ test ‍of time.

This lever style handle‌ is designed for ease of temperature control, making⁣ it a practical and stylish choice for your tub/shower faucet. Please note that this kit is sold as a⁤ single-handle replacement ⁤part for Delta faucets. Upgrade your bathroom with our Single Metal Lever Handle Kit today!

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Key Features and Highlights

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Our Single Metal‍ Lever Handle Kit is a sleek⁢ and modern addition to your​ bathroom, with a chrome finish that extends​ the look throughout the bath. This⁤ replacement part for Delta tub faucet​ is constructed of durable and strong metal, ensuring long-lasting usage. The lever ⁢style handle is specifically designed‌ for‍ 1300/1400​ series ​tub/shower faucets,‍ providing ease of temperature control for a comfortable bathing experience.

Features Benefits
Chrome finish Modern and sleek look
Metal ⁣construction Durable and strong
Lever style handle Easy temperature control

Upgrade ⁤your bathroom with our Single Metal ​Lever ​Handle Kit for ⁤Delta tub⁤ faucets and enjoy the convenience and style it brings. Don’t ‌settle for a worn-out handle when⁣ you can easily replace‌ it⁤ with our high-quality option. ‍Click here to get yours now!

In-depth Insights ‌and Recommendations

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When it comes to upgrading your bathroom fixtures, ‍the ⁤Single Metal Lever Handle Kit for the⁤ 1300/1400 ‌Series Tub Faucet for‌ Delta H79 is a stylish⁣ and practical choice.⁤ With its sleek chrome finish, ⁢this handle‍ kit⁢ seamlessly complements any bathroom decor, adding a‍ touch of modern elegance. The durable metal construction ensures longevity and strength, making ⁢it​ a​ reliable replacement part for your Delta faucet.

The‍ lever style handle design of this kit‌ not only enhances the overall aesthetic of your tub/shower faucet but also offers ease of temperature control. Whether you’re looking to refresh the look of‍ your existing Delta​ faucet ​or ‌simply need a replacement handle,⁢ this Single Metal ​Lever Handle Kit is​ a great option. Upgrade your bathroom today and elevate your ‍everyday ‌bathing experience with this stylish and functional handle kit. Available now on Amazon, click here to get yours!⁢

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

1. Perfect‍ fit for Delta showers!

  • Seamlessly replaces old Delta shower⁣ handle
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Impressive quality, stylish, and⁤ durable
  • Smooth temperature and water flow control
  • Highly recommended for reliability and compatibility

2. Detailed Product Comparison

Length 4 1/4 inches
Depth 1 1/4⁢ inches
Thickness Durable and comfortable grip
Spacer Issue Requires a larger spacer

3.⁢ Quality Replacement Handle

  • Surprised by ⁢weight and⁤ quality
  • Very good instructions included
  • Easy installation, includes⁤ everything needed
  • Recommend using plumbers silicone‌ grease

4. Customer Satisfaction

  • Works great,⁢ fits⁤ perfectly
  • Easy to install
  • Nice looking handle, exactly what was needed


Overall, the Single Metal Lever Handle Kit for 1300/1400⁤ Series Tub Faucet for Delta H79 in Chrome has received ⁤positive feedback from customers. It is‍ praised for its perfect fit, durability, and ease of installation. While there were⁤ a few issues reported,‍ such as missing spacers,⁢ the handle quality​ and functionality outweighed any minor setbacks. Customers found⁣ this replacement handle to be ‌a reliable⁢ and⁣ stylish upgrade for their bathroom ⁤fixtures.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ​Cons


1.⁢ Stylish‍ Design: The ‌chrome ‍finish adds a modern touch to any bathroom.
2. Durable ​Construction: Made of sturdy metal for long-lasting use.
3. Easy Temperature Control: The lever style handle makes adjusting the temperature a breeze.
4. ​ Compatible Replacement: ⁤ Specifically designed for Delta 1300/1400 ‌series tub faucets.


1. Single Handle: Sold as only a single ‌handle, so may not be suitable ⁢for ⁢dual-handle ⁣setups.
2. Chrome​ Finish Only: Limited color options ⁣for those looking for alternative finishes.

Pros Cons
Stylish Design Single Handle
Durable ⁢Construction Chrome Finish Only
Easy Temperature Control
Compatible Replacement


Q:⁣ Is this single metal lever ‌handle kit compatible with all Delta tub faucets? A: This particular handle kit is designed specifically for 1300/1400 series​ tub faucets from Delta. It may not be compatible with other models, so be sure to check ⁤your ​faucet’s series before purchasing.

Q: Is installation easy for this handle kit? A: Installation of this handle kit is relatively⁤ straightforward and should not require any ⁢special tools. However, if you are‍ not comfortable with⁣ DIY projects, we recommend seeking professional assistance.

Q: How durable is the metal construction of this handle kit? A: The metal construction of this handle kit ensures durability and strength, making⁢ it a long-lasting ⁣addition to your bathroom. You can expect it⁢ to ‍withstand daily use without showing⁢ signs of wear‌ and tear.

Q: Can I adjust the temperature easily with this lever handle? A: Yes, the lever⁤ style⁤ handle of this kit allows for easy ⁤temperature control, making it convenient to find the perfect level‌ of warmth for your bath or shower. It’s both stylish and functional!

Q: ​Can I purchase multiple handles to match my faucet set? A: Unfortunately, this handle kit is sold as a single unit. If⁤ you need ⁤multiple handles for a set, you ‌will need to purchase them separately. ⁢However, the chrome finish ⁢will help create a cohesive look throughout your bathroom.

Remember, if you have any other questions or concerns about‌ this Delta tub faucet⁣ handle kit,⁣ feel free to reach out to us. We’re⁤ here to help you upgrade your bathroom ‌with style and durability!

Reveal‍ the ‌Extraordinary

As we wrap up our review of the Single ​Metal Lever Handle Kit for ‌1300/1400 Series‍ Tub Faucet for Delta H79 in Chrome, we ‍can confidently say that this ‌product is a ⁣stylish and durable upgrade for‍ your bathroom. With its sleek chrome finish and sturdy metal construction, this handle is​ sure to enhance the look and​ functionality of your tub/shower faucet.

If you’re looking to elevate your bathroom design while ensuring quality and longevity, look⁢ no further ‍than this Delta handle ‌kit. Don’t miss out on ‍the ⁢opportunity to ⁢enhance your bathroom experience – click the link below ‍to‌ get your hands on this fantastic‌ product today!

Click here to purchase:‌ Delta Single Metal Lever Handle Kit for 1300/1400 Series Tub Faucet

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