Step up your style with Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing Kung Fu Shoes

Welcome to our ‌product ​review blog post on the Lazutom Unisex Old⁤ Beijing Martial Art Kung Fu Tai‌ Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes! Today, we are excited to share our first-hand experience with ‌this unique and stylish footwear option.

These shoes ‌are not only a great choice for martial arts enthusiasts, but they ⁢also cater to individuals with diverse interests ‌in fashion and various activities such as hip-hop, ⁣parkour, rock, and⁢ wushu. The versatility of these shoes makes them a favorite among young fashion-forward individuals.

Sporting a‌ slip-on ‌style, these shoes provide⁣ convenience and comfort for both indoor and ‍outdoor use. The Chinese traditional design adds a touch of cultural elegance, reminiscent of old Beijing cloth shoes.

Made with a canvas top ⁢and cotton ‌lining, ⁢these ⁣shoes offer breathability ‌and a comfortable fit. The​ anti-slip cotton sole‌ ensures flexibility and durability, allowing for ⁤smooth movements and balance​ during your martial art or ‌exercise routines.

When‍ it comes to choosing the right size, we recommend‌ opting⁤ for a bigger size than what you usually wear. To assist you further, we have provided‌ a detailed size chart for your reference.

The package‍ includes ‌the Lazutom⁣ tai chi shoes,‍ and the manufacturer ensures that ⁣each product is of excellent quality. There ⁢is no need to worry about ⁣the product being discontinued,⁤ as it is readily ‌available for purchase.

In conclusion, if you are in search‍ of a stylish, comfortable, and functional footwear‌ option for​ your martial art ‌or exercise ⁢practices, ⁣the Lazutom Unisex ​Old Beijing Martial Art Kung ⁣Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas ⁢Shoes⁣ are ⁤certainly worth considering. Stay tuned as we dive into a more⁣ in-depth‍ review of the features,‍ pros, ⁤and ⁣cons of this exciting product.

Table of Contents

Overview of the Lazutom Unisex‍ Old Beijing Martial‌ Art Kung ‍Fu⁤ Tai Chi Cotton Sole‍ Canvas Shoes

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Our Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes are a ⁢perfect choice for anyone⁢ involved in martial arts, Kungfu, Tai chi, hip-hop, parkour, rock, or Wushu. These shoes ⁣not only provide comfort ⁢and style, but they‌ also offer durability and flexibility for all‌ your activities.

The slip-on style of ⁢these shoes makes them convenient and easy to wear, whether you’re practicing indoors or‍ outdoors. The Chinese traditional design adds a touch of elegance to your look, while ‌the canvas top and cotton lining ensure breathability⁤ and‍ comfort throughout the day.

Featuring an anti-slip cotton sole, these shoes provide excellent grip and traction, reducing‌ the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, our​ shoes ⁣come in a range of sizes to ⁢ensure the perfect fit for‍ everyone. Please refer to the ⁢size​ chart below and choose a⁣ size‌ bigger than your usual size for the best fit.

Size⁢ Chart:

  • 37 (Feet ⁤Length): 235mm (US men 6/women 7)
  • 38 (Feet Length): 240mm ⁣(US⁢ men 6.5/women 7.5)
  • 39 (Feet⁤ Length): 245mm⁤ (US men 7/women 8)
  • 40 ‌(Feet Length): ‍250mm (US men 7.5/women⁤ 8.5-9)
  • 41 (Feet⁤ Length): 255mm (US men ⁢8/women 9.5)
  • 42 (Feet Length): 260mm (US men 8.5/women 10)
  • 43 (Feet⁢ Length): ‍265mm (US men 9-9.5/women 10.5-11)
  • 44 (Feet Length): 270mm (US men​ 10/women 11.5)
  • 45 (Feet Length): 275mm (US men 10.5-11/women 12)
  • 46 (Feet Length):‍ 280mm (US men 11.5-12/women 13)

With a⁢ package that​ includes ⁣the Lazutom tai chi shoes, you can start⁢ experiencing the comfort ‍and style ⁢these shoes offer. Don’t ⁤miss⁣ out on this opportunity to elevate your martial arts experience.​ Click here to⁤ purchase⁤ your pair now!

Highlights of the⁤ Lazutom Unisex ⁣Old Beijing Martial Art Kung⁤ Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole⁢ Canvas Shoes

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The⁢ Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas ⁢Shoes offer a variety of features and highlights that make them stand out‌ from the⁣ crowd. From their slip-on style​ and casual design to​ their suitability for both indoor and outdoor⁤ use, these shoes⁤ are a ⁢great choice for a range of activities. ‍Whether you’re practicing martial arts, Kungfu, Tai ⁣chi, or ⁢even⁤ enjoying some hip-hop or parkour, these shoes ⁣have got you covered.

One of the standout features of these shoes is their Chinese traditional design,‍ reminiscent of⁤ the⁤ iconic Old Beijing cloth shoes. Made‌ with a‍ canvas⁤ top ‌and​ lined with comfortable cotton, they provide a perfect combination of flexibility and ​durability. ‍The anti-slip cotton sole ensures stability and safety, even during intense movements.

Furthermore, ‌the Lazutom⁤ Unisex Old Beijing Martial Art Kung⁢ Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes come in a range⁤ of sizes to accommodate different foot lengths. The size chart provides detailed measurements to help you choose the perfect⁢ fit. Remember, the ⁢item tends⁤ to run smaller than US sizes, so it’s⁢ advisable to choose a⁤ larger size than you usually wear.

In summary, if you’re in search of⁤ high-quality, stylish, and versatile martial arts shoes, the‍ Lazutom ⁣Unisex Old Beijing Martial Art Kung Fu Tai⁤ Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes⁢ are⁣ an excellent choice. Don’t miss out on the ‌opportunity​ to enhance your​ performance and style. Head over to [Call to Action link] and secure your pair today!

Detailed ⁤Insights and Features of the Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes

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The Lazutom Unisex Old ⁤Beijing Martial ⁤Art ‍Kung Fu Tai Chi‌ Cotton Sole Canvas ⁢Shoes are a great choice for various activities including Martial arts, Kungfu, Tai‍ chi, Hip-hop, Parkour, Rock, and Wushu.‍ They are particularly‌ favored⁢ by young individuals⁣ who are into the fashion scene. These slip-on style shoes are casual and ⁤suitable for both indoor​ and outdoor use.

One of ⁤the standout features of these shoes is their Chinese traditional‍ design,⁣ reminiscent‌ of the ⁣Old Beijing cloth⁣ shoes. The canvas top combined⁢ with the cotton lining ensures both comfort and ⁢breathability. The anti-slip cotton sole‌ provides traction and ‍durability, making them suitable for⁤ various surfaces.

In terms‍ of⁣ sizing, it’s important ‌to note that the⁣ shoes ‍run smaller than the usual ⁣US sizes. We recommend choosing a bigger size than you normally ⁢wear. To assist with sizing, here is a handy ​size chart:

  • 37:‌ Feet Length – ⁣235mm (US men 6 / women 7)
  • 38: ‍Feet Length – 240mm (US men 6.5 / ⁣women 7.5)
  • 39: Feet Length – 245mm ​(US men 7 / women 8)
  • 40: ⁣Feet Length – 250mm (US men 7.5 / women 8.5-9)
  • 41: ⁢Feet Length – 255mm (US men 8 / women 9.5)
  • 42: Feet Length – 260mm ‌(US‍ men ⁤8.5 / women 10)
  • 43: Feet Length – 265mm (US men 9-9.5 / women ​10.5-11)
  • 44:⁢ Feet Length – 270mm (US men 10 / women 11.5)
  • 45: Feet Length ​- 275mm (US men 10.5-11 / women 12)
  • 46: Feet Length – 280mm (US⁢ men 11.5-12 / women 13)

When you purchase this product, ​you will receive a ‌package​ that ‌includes the Lazutom tai chi shoes. The shoes ​are‌ not discontinued and come in package⁣ dimensions‍ of 9.88⁤ x ​2.28 x 0.71 inches, weighing approximately 10.83 ounces. They are⁤ designed for men and were first made available on January 3, 2019 by the ‍manufacturer Lazutom⁤ (ASIN: B07FVMYK7L).

If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of ⁣shoes‌ to accompany‌ you in your martial arts or other activities, we highly recommend the Lazutom Unisex​ Old ​Beijing‌ Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi ‍Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes. Don’t miss out on ⁤this opportunity and get yours now.

Specific Recommendations for the ‍Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing Martial‍ Art ​Kung Fu​ Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes

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When it comes to⁤ the Lazutom⁢ Unisex⁣ Old Beijing Martial​ Art ⁢Kung Fu Tai ⁢Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes, ⁢we have a‌ few ‌specific recommendations to help you make⁢ the most of this stylish footwear.

Firstly, let’s talk about⁤ the slip-on style of these shoes.⁣ It’s not only convenient but also gives a‍ casual ​look that can be‍ paired with ⁢various outfits. Whether you’re⁤ participating in ⁤martial arts, practicing Tai ⁤Chi, or even just enjoying some parkour or hip-hop, these shoes are a great choice. They’re⁤ also favored by fashion-forward young people ⁢who appreciate the traditional design with ​a modern twist.

Now, let’s discuss the key features that make these shoes stand out. The canvas top and cotton​ lining ensure a comfortable ‌fit, while the​ anti-slip cotton sole ‍adds both flexibility and ‌durability. This combination ⁣makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, please‍ note that the sizing runs a bit smaller than US sizes. ‌We recommend opting for a bigger ⁣size than you normally wear to ensure a ‌perfect ⁤fit. To help you with sizing,⁣ refer to ⁣the size chart below:

  • 37 – Feet Length: 235mm – US ⁣men 6/women 7
  • 38 – Feet Length: 240mm – US ‌men 6.5/women ⁣7.5
  • 39 – Feet Length: 245mm – US‍ men 7/women ⁣8
  • 40 – Feet ​Length:​ 250mm – US⁣ men 7.5/women ‌8.5-9
  • 41 -‌ Feet⁤ Length: 255mm – US men 8/women 9.5
  • 42 -​ Feet Length: 260mm -⁤ US⁤ men 8.5/women 10
  • 43 – Feet Length: 265mm ⁤- US men 9-9.5/women 10.5-11
  • 44 – Feet Length: 270mm – US men 10/women⁣ 11.5
  • 45 – Feet Length: 275mm – US men 10.5-11/women 12
  • 46 – Feet Length: 280mm – US men 11.5-12/women 13

So, if⁣ you’re‍ looking for a comfortable ‍and stylish pair of martial arts-inspired shoes, give ‍the Lazutom ⁣Unisex Old Beijing Martial Art Kung‍ Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes a try. You won’t⁣ be disappointed! Click here‌ to⁢ get them on ‌Amazon⁣ and⁣ elevate your footwear game.⁢

Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

After analyzing several customer reviews, we have gathered valuable insights about the Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing‍ Martial​ Art Kung Fu ​Tai Chi Cotton Sole ‍Canvas Shoes. Here is a summary of what customers had to say:

Customer Review Summary
Simple, cotton-bottom shoe for tai ​chi. Seems well made. Customers appreciated the simplicity and quality⁣ of‍ these shoes for practicing tai ⁢chi.
Fitting is a⁢ tad snug with socks, especially on one of my big‍ toes. Some customers found the shoes to be ⁤slightly tight when wearing socks, but‍ they expect them to​ stretch with use.
Good for tai chi or qigong‌ on uncarpeted ‌indoor ‍floors, ​not recommended‌ for outside use or on carpeted floors. Customers ⁣found these⁢ shoes/slippers to be ‍suitable for practicing tai chi or qigong indoors⁢ on non-carpeted floors. They ‍advised against using them outside ⁢or on carpeted surfaces.
Similar to shoes ‌used by ‍traditional‍ martial artists‍ in China. Made for a lightweight and affordable price ⁣point. Customers who were⁤ familiar with the traditional brand​ of these⁤ shoes from‌ China⁢ expressed ⁤satisfaction ​with the similarity‌ in ​design. They emphasized⁣ that the shoes are lightweight and affordable, but the rubber soles‍ may wear out quickly.
Vast improvement over‍ older versions. Perfect fit⁣ for ‍wider feet. Customers who ⁣had previously purchased similar shoes were pleased with the improvements, including a better fit for‍ wider feet.
Pleasantly⁣ surprised by‌ the craftsmanship and materials. Thick sole offers‍ warmth and comfort. Customers were‌ pleasantly surprised ⁢by the quality of⁤ craftsmanship and materials ‍used in these shoes. ⁣The thick sole provided warmth⁣ and comfort, especially ⁣on⁣ tile floors.
Well-made, durable ⁤canvas fabric. Suitable for martial arts and casual wear. Customers praised the durability of the canvas ⁣fabric and the impressive sole. They mentioned that these shoes⁣ can be used for both martial arts and casual⁤ wear.
Size runs ⁤small, recommend ordering ⁢one or two sizes larger. Several customers experienced issues with sizing. They advised ordering at least one size larger than ‌usual, especially⁢ for those towards the upper end of the⁤ size range.
Classic throw-back ⁣version, good‍ for indoors⁣ but not suitable for outdoor⁤ use. Customers appreciated the nostalgic feel of⁢ these shoes, ‍reminiscent of the earlier ⁤versions. They cautioned‌ against wearing them outside as they might ⁤not withstand outdoor conditions.
Comfortable for​ Tai ⁤Chi and suitable for⁤ use⁣ as full-time slippers. Customers found these shoes comfortable‍ for practicing Tai Chi and even ended up using them ⁤as ⁤full-time slippers.

Pros & Cons


  • Great choice for⁢ various activities such as martial arts,‍ Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Hip-hop, Parkour, Rock, and​ Wushu.
  • Suitable for‌ indoor and outdoor use, making them ‌versatile for different⁤ environments.
  • The slip-on‍ style allows for easy and ‍quick on/off, adding convenience to ⁤everyday ⁣wear.
  • Constructed ‍with cotton sole for flexibility and durability, ‌ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Made with a canvas ⁤top and cotton lining, providing comfort‌ and breathability.
  • The anti-slip cotton sole⁢ offers stability and traction, preventing ​slips or​ falls.
  • Old Beijing traditional design adds a touch of vintage charm to your attire.


  • The sizing of these shoes runs smaller than standard US ⁣sizes, so it’s advisable to ‌choose⁤ a size‌ larger than what you usually wear. Here is the size​ chart for reference:

Size Feet Length US Size ​(Men/Women)
37 235mm 6/7
38 240mm 6.5/7.5
39 245mm 7/8
40 250mm 7.5/8.5-9
41 255mm 8/9.5
42 260mm 8.5/10
43 265mm 9-9.5/10.5-11
44 270mm 10/11.5
45 275mm 10.5-11/12
46 280mm 11.5-12/13

Note: The package includes⁢ Lazutom tai chi ​shoes.


Q: Are these shoes suitable ‌for outdoor activities?

A: Yes,‌ these shoes are​ suitable ⁤for ⁤both ‌indoor ​and outdoor activities. ⁢They have a slip-on style and a cotton sole, providing comfort and flexibility for various‍ activities⁢ such as ⁢martial arts, ⁤Kung Fu, Tai Chi, hip-hop, parkour, rock, and Wushu.

Q: Are they only ⁤available in unisex sizes?

A: ⁤Yes, these ⁢shoes are unisex and available in a wide range of sizes. ⁤We recommend referring to the size chart provided in ⁣the ⁤product description ‍to ensure⁢ the​ perfect fit. Please note that the item tends ⁢to run smaller than the US size, so​ it is⁢ advisable ‍to choose a ⁣bigger size than ​what ​you ⁢usually wear.

Q: Can these shoes be worn for everyday casual wear?

A: Absolutely! These shoes not only embody Chinese traditional style but also have ‌a modern touch, making ⁢them a great choice⁤ for everyday casual wear. The canvas top and cotton⁢ lining provide durability and ‌comfort ⁤for long-term use.

Q: ⁤Do these ⁣shoes have a ‍non-slip sole?

A: Yes, the shoes feature an anti-slip cotton sole, ensuring stability⁤ and‌ preventing⁣ accidental ⁢slips. Whether you are practicing martial‌ arts or simply⁤ going about your daily activities, these shoes‌ offer the necessary grip to keep⁣ you grounded.

Q: How does the packaging of these shoes look?

A: The package includes a⁢ pair of Lazutom Tai Chi shoes. The manufacturer has not discontinued this product, and the package⁣ dimensions are⁢ approximately 9.88 x‍ 2.28 x 0.71 inches. The shoes themselves weigh around ‍10.83 ounces. These shoes are offered⁣ in the ⁤mens department.

Q: ⁢When were these ⁤shoes first available for‌ purchase?

A: These shoes ​became available for purchase on January 3, 2019.⁢ They are​ manufactured by Lazutom and can be found using ⁢the ASIN number B07FVMYK7L.

Q: Can I find these shoes in different colors?

A:​ While the‌ product⁢ description does not mention specific color options, you⁢ can check with the manufacturer or ⁤retailer for any available variations. It’s worth noting that the traditional Old Beijing style of⁣ these ⁣shoes‍ often ​comes in classic black or neutral tones.

Please let us know if you ‌have any further questions or if there’s​ anything else we can assist you with. We’re here to help!

Embrace a New Era

As we conclude our⁤ review of the⁢ Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing Kung⁢ Fu Shoes, we can’t help but be impressed ⁢by the combination⁢ of style ⁣and functionality that these‌ shoes‍ offer. With their cotton sole and canvas top, they provide both flexibility and durability, ⁣making ⁣them an excellent choice for various activities such as martial arts, Kungfu, Tai chi, Hip-hop, Parkour, ‍Rock, ⁤and Wushu.

One of ‍the standout ⁤features of these shoes is their ​slip-on style, making them convenient and easy ⁤to wear. Whether you’re heading to a‍ class or simply running errands,⁢ these shoes are ⁣suitable ⁢for both ‍indoor ​and outdoor use, ensuring comfort and practicality throughout the day.

Designed as Chinese traditional shoes, ⁢the Old Beijing cloth shoes bring a unique and cultural touch‌ to your wardrobe. They have become a favorite among fashion-forward individuals, and⁢ it’s not hard to see why. The cotton lining and anti-slip cotton sole add extra comfort and safety, guaranteeing a pleasant experience with every step.

If you are considering purchasing these shoes, please keep in mind that the sizing runs slightly smaller than ⁤the US⁤ size. We recommend choosing⁢ a size​ larger than ​what you typically wear to ensure the‌ perfect fit.

In conclusion, the Lazutom Unisex Old ⁢Beijing Kung Fu Shoes offer a⁣ blend⁢ of style, comfort, and versatility. Why‌ not step up ‌your style game and embrace the traditional ‍charm of these martial arts shoes?

If you’re ready to experience ⁤the quality and‍ uniqueness​ of these shoes for ⁤yourself, click here to purchase⁤ them on Amazon. Transform⁢ your⁢ footwear collection ​and add ⁢a touch of authenticity with the Lazutom Unisex Old Beijing Kung Fu Shoes.

Click here to check out the Lazutom​ Unisex Old Beijing Kung Fu Shoes on Amazon.

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