Defend Your HTC U12+ with Our Mr.Shield Screen Protectors!

Are‌ you⁢ tired of⁤ dealing with scratches ⁣and cracks on your HTC‌ U12+ / HTC U12 Plus screen? Look no further than ‍the Mr.Shield ‍Designed For HTC U12+ / HTC U12‌ Plus Screen ⁤Protector. We recently got our hands ⁣on this 2-pack of‍ tempered ‍glass⁢ protectors and put them ‍to ⁤the test. ​From the moment we ⁤applied them to our device,‌ we ‌were impressed by ‍the precise laser cut design and polished​ rounded edges. Not ⁣to mention, the 9H hardness Japan glass provides ⁢top-notch protection without ​sacrificing touchscreen accuracy. Plus,‌ with Mr.Shield’s lifetime replacement guarantee, you ⁤can rest assured knowing‍ your screen is in good ⁤hands. Stay tuned for our in-depth review ‌on how this screen protector held up to daily ⁢wear and tear!

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After using the ‍Mr.Shield screen protector for our HTC U12+, we are extremely satisfied with the level ​of⁢ protection it provides. The tempered glass⁣ material is of high quality and offers ‍great defense against ​scratches and high impact drops. The precise laser cut design with⁤ polished, rounded edges adds‌ a sleek look to the⁢ device while maintaining 99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy.

  • The Mr.Shield screen protector comes ⁢in a convenient 2-pack, providing a​ backup ​in case of any mishaps during installation.
  • We appreciate the No-Hassle Lifetime ‍Replacement ‌policy that comes ⁢with the ⁢product, giving us⁣ peace of ⁢mind‍ knowing that our screen ⁢is always protected.

Pros Cons
High-quality tempered glass material Does ‌not cover 100% of ‌curved edges
Easy installation and durability

If you’re looking​ for maximum coverage and reliable protection⁢ for your HTC U12+, we ‍highly recommend checking out ⁣the Mr.Shield screen protector. ‌Click here to get ⁤yours today!

Premium Protection for Your HTC U12+

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We recently tried out the Mr.Shield Designed For HTC U12+ / HTC U12 Plus Screen Protector and we must say, we are impressed! This ‌tempered glass protector offers premium protection for⁣ our HTC U12+, shielding ⁣it from scratches and high⁣ impact drops. The Japan Glass with 9H hardness ensures that​ our screen remains⁤ in⁤ pristine condition, while the precise laser-cut⁢ design with polished, ​rounded edges provides 99.99% HD‌ clarity and touchscreen accuracy. With Mr.Shield’s​ lifetime replacement guarantee, we have peace of mind knowing ​that⁢ our device is well-protected for the long‍ haul.

One thing to ‌note is ‍that the screen protector may⁣ not cover the curved edges of‌ the HTC⁣ U12+ completely, but this is a trade-off for maximum coverage, easy installation,⁢ and ⁢durability. However, we found ⁣this to ⁣be a minor issue as the protector still offers great protection for the majority of the ‍screen. For additional⁣ security, we ‌recommend⁣ pairing this screen protector with ⁤a sturdy phone case.‍ Overall, we highly recommend the Mr.Shield ⁢HTC U12+ Screen Protector for anyone looking to keep their device⁤ safe and looking brand⁣ new. Visit⁣ the link below to get yours ⁣today! Purchase Here.

Crystal Clear Japan Glass with 9H Hardness

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The Mr.Shield‌ Designed For HTC ​U12+ ​/ ⁢HTC U12 Plus screen protector truly impressed us with its high-quality Japan ‍Glass material ​and 9H hardness. The​ tempered ⁣glass‌ provides excellent ‌protection against scratches and high impact drops, giving us peace ​of mind knowing our device screen ‌is safe from daily‌ wear and tear. The precise laser cut design with polished, rounded ⁣edges ensures a ‌perfect fit on our HTC U12+ / ‍HTC U12 Plus, maintaining ‍99.99%⁣ HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy.

We appreciate the No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement guarantee ⁤from Mr.Shield,⁢ as it demonstrates ⁢their commitment to customer satisfaction. Although the screen ‌protector may not cover the curved⁢ edges of the HTC⁣ U12+ / HTC U12 Plus screen entirely, we⁣ found ‍that the ease of installation and durability outweigh this minor drawback.​ For those looking for maximum coverage and⁢ protection for​ their device,​ we highly recommend pairing this screen protector with a​ HTC U12+ / HTC U12 Plus to keep‌ your screen looking crystal⁢ clear. ⁣Don’t miss out on this fantastic product, click here to⁢ get your own 2-pack on ⁤Amazon!

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee for Peace of Mind

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When ​it comes to protecting my ​device, I ⁤always look for added peace of mind. ⁤That’s⁣ why ⁢I love that the Mr.Shield⁤ Screen Protector comes with a Lifetime ⁤Replacement Guarantee. Knowing that ⁣I can get a replacement if anything happens to my screen protector is‍ a huge relief. ‍It’s ‌one less thing⁤ to worry about, allowing me to use my phone with confidence.

The high-quality Japan Glass with 9H Hardness provides excellent protection against scratches and high impact drops. The precise laser-cut ‍design ensures a perfect fit on my HTC U12+ / HTC U12 ‍Plus, ⁣giving me maximum coverage without compromising on clarity or ​touchscreen accuracy. With the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, I can enjoy using my phone without the fear of damaging the screen protector. If you’re looking for reliable protection and peace of mind, I highly recommend checking out the Mr.Shield Screen Protector 2-Pack on Amazon! Check it ‍out here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer​ Reviews Analysis:

Overall, our customers have had mostly positive experiences with the Mr.Shield Designed‍ For HTC U12+ / HTC U12 Plus Screen Protector. With a ⁤4 out of ​5 average rating, our customers appreciate the easy installation, durability, and ⁢compatibility with various‌ phone cases. Some customers did note​ minor‍ issues such ‍as bubbling, chipping, or a slightly small size, but the majority found the product to be effective in protecting their device’s‍ screen. Plus, with a lifetime‍ replacement guarantee, customers can have peace of mind knowing their investment is protected. ⁤If ⁢you’re looking​ to defend your HTC U12+, give ‌our Mr.Shield Screen Protectors ‌a try today! ‌

Pros & Cons

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Pros‍ & Cons


Date Review Rating
August 2020 I purchased a pair of MR. Shield’s​ premium ‌screen protectors for my daughter’s HTC u12+ in August 2020. She had‌ the ‌phone dropped a couple of times ⁣and caused few ​cracks from the edge of the screen ⁤protector.Since Mr. Shield offers lifetime guarantee for the ​product, I wrote an email to customer service with ⁢a photo ⁣of the cracked screen protector and asking for replacement. They responded​ the second ​day with a replacement shipped. 5/5
March ⁢2021 I like this protector on my phone. It’s⁣ easy to⁤ maintain, definitely easy to ‌install. The only downfall is​ how delicate it is, I’m on my ‌second ‌protector and being that it’s so delicate⁢ please for the love of God do not ‍drop ‍your phone, the protector will crack. 4/5
June 2021 The screen protector was very ⁣easy ⁣to install ‍without any‌ bubbles. There was‌ some⁤ bubbling‌ around the edges but they were gone the next day ‍and ⁣you would⁣ barely know it’s there. It fits Spigen’s⁣ Liquid Crystal‌ Protective case,⁣ which is ‍a choice case for HTC phones with their shiny glass ⁢bodies.⁢ Usually this case ‌forces off the plastic⁣ edge-to-edge ​screen protectors around the corners, but because this one doesn’t cover the‍ entire face ​of the screen, no‌ problems. The touch is‌ smooth and fingerprints don’t stick even like they did on the glass screen. EDIT: 3 months down the road‌ and no ⁣issues whatsoever with this‌ screen protector. I still ⁣have an extra one leftover in ⁣case something​ happens to this‌ one. This was⁤ a solid buy. 5/5
May 2021 I bought and installed this screen protector⁢ in May, very easy‌ to install. No bubbles. Dropped several times, no cracks. Dropped today on the street, bounced a few​ times, and the screen protector⁣ did its⁤ job — several cracks broke out on the screen protector,⁢ but ​nothing on the screen. Job well⁢ done! Pictures⁢ show the cracked protector, screen‍ in good shape,⁣ then the second screen protector installed. 6‍ bucks for 2 screen⁣ protectors, I highly recommend! This is an honest ‍review, I paid for the‍ product. 4/5
April 2021 A little small for​ screen. Glass chipped in the first week, where my thumb would rub while hitting ‍the “home button.” Honestly, the ‌only reason I ⁣purchased this⁢ was because I⁢ had already shattered my screen, and I needed ⁢something to keep the glass intact until ⁤I got it replaced.⁤ For ⁢my purpose, it worked great. The fact that it ‍is a‍ tad bit small may actually ⁤work out ⁢with the case I recently bought, but ‍I have not tried‌ it yet. 3/5
July 2021 My screen had a few microscratches on it but ‌after installing the glass (which was a little difficult to ‌get just right) I love the look and​ feel of ⁤my phone agian and don’t see the microscratches anymore. I also⁣ like how it ⁤gives the U12+ a modern “notched” look without actually having ⁤a notch. 4/5
February 2021 I‍ want to like this⁤ screen protector but only after a ⁤couple weeks ​I have bubbles. It is around ⁢the edges and‍ so I‍ think I will leave it as is. Maybe it will just remain around‌ the ‍edges. It is sticking‌ well. aside from ​the bubbles. I did not have much difficulty putting it on my phone,⁢ just followed‍ the instructions as‍ stated.⁤ I understand that the protector cannot fully⁢ cover the screen ​because of the curved edges but it seems⁤ it​ will​ hold up. 3/5
September 2020 I like that ⁣this glass shield‌ does not interfere with my⁤ gel case cover. Also, I recently dropped my ⁣phone face down on some rocks.⁣ The Mr‌ Shield cracked, but IT SAVED MY PHONE SCREEN. I will buy⁣ this again. 5/5
January⁢ 2021 Good glass screen protector, comes with everything ‌you need for perfect installation as well ‌as ‌simple instructions to achieve this. Wish it would cover‍ more of the screen in‌ terms of width and also is​ partially lifting along some of the⁢ edges which I can’t seem to fix but ⁣is ‍not ⁤especially noticeable. Only downside‌ is the excessive price when the quality does not separate it enough from its much cheaper competitors. 3/5

1. High-quality Japan Glass with 9H hardness for ultimate protection
2. HD Clear⁢ Ballistic Glass‌ for 99.99% clarity and touchscreen accuracy
3. Lifetime replacement ⁢guarantee ⁣by Mr.Shield for​ peace of mind
4. Easy‍ installation with precise laser cut‌ and⁣ rounded edges
5. 2-pack provides extra protection or a spare for future use


1.​ Does ‍not cover the curved edges of the ‍HTC‍ U12+/ U12‌ Plus screen completely
2. May ⁤require ​additional case for‍ full‌ device protection

Overall, the Mr.Shield Designed For HTC U12+ / HTC U12 Plus​ Screen Protector offers excellent protection and​ clarity for your ​device, with ​the added bonus ‍of a lifetime replacement guarantee. However, users may need ⁤to ‌consider additional protection for the ⁣curved edges of their phone screen.


Q: Are these screen protectors compatible‌ with the HTC U12+?
A: Yes, these screen protectors‍ are specifically designed for the‌ HTC ⁤U12+ and U12 Plus models.

Q: Do these screen protectors cover the entire ‌screen ⁤of the HTC U12+?
A: While these screen protectors provide‍ maximum coverage for your⁣ device, they do not cover‌ the curved edges of the screen 100% to prevent ‍peeling over ⁣time.

Q: ‌How ⁤easy‌ is it to‍ install these screen protectors?
A: These screen protectors are ‌designed for ease of installation with precise laser ⁢cut⁣ tempered glass and rounded edges for a​ seamless fit.

Q: What is the ⁢warranty⁣ for these screen protectors?
A: These screen protectors are protected by Mr.Shield’s No-Hassle Lifetime⁢ Replacement warranty, ensuring your device is ​always protected.

Q:⁢ Are these ⁣screen protectors made of high-quality materials?
A: Yes, these screen protectors are made of Japan Glass with 9H hardness ‍for superior protection ‌against scratches⁤ and⁢ high impact drops.

Q: Can I use a phone case with these screen ‍protectors?
A: ⁣Yes, you can ‌pair these screen​ protectors with⁢ a phone ⁣case for more complete‌ protection of your HTC U12+.

Transform Your World

Thank you for taking⁢ the‌ time to read ⁢our ⁤review of the ⁢Mr.Shield Designed⁢ For HTC⁤ U12+ Screen Protectors! With its durable Japan Glass and 9H hardness, your HTC U12+ will be well protected from ⁢scratches and drops. The lifetime replacement‍ guarantee ensures that you can enjoy ⁣peace of mind when using this screen protector.

If you’re ready to defend ⁢your HTC⁣ U12+ with the best protection available, click here to ⁤get your own ⁣Mr.Shield Screen‌ Protectors‍ now!⁣

Get your Mr.Shield Screen Protectors here!

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