Baking Bliss: Reviewing Angel Instant Dry Yeast!

Welcome to our review of the⁢ “安琪 高活性干酵母 Angel‍ Instant⁢ Dry Yeast 15g (20 Packs)”! As avid bakers ourselves, we were⁣ excited⁢ to try ⁤out this Chinese‌ top brand and manufacturer of instant dry⁤ yeast. With each ⁢pack ⁢containing 15g of ⁢yeast,​ we were ⁤eager ⁣to put it to the⁢ test in a variety of recipes. From bread to pizza​ dough, we wanted​ to see how ​this yeast ​performed ‌in terms of both ‌convenience and quality. Join us as we‌ share our firsthand experience with this product and⁢ determine if it lives up‌ to its reputation as ​a reliable​ and efficient ‌ingredient for all our baking needs.

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We recently tried out‌ the⁢ Angel Instant Dry Yeast ⁢and were impressed by its high performance. This Chinese top brand product comes in ‍convenient 15g packs, making it easy ‌to‍ use for various baking needs. The yeast⁢ is incredibly active, allowing⁢ us to achieve perfectly​ risen dough every time. With a shelf life of‍ 24 months, we can confidently ​stock up on this yeast without worrying about ⁢it losing its effectiveness.

The simple instructions on the package made it a breeze to use this yeast ⁣for making fluffy bread, buns, and‍ more. ⁣Just dissolve the⁤ yeast in warm water, mix it into the‍ flour,​ and let the dough⁢ rise for about 40-60 minutes. The end result is delicious baked goods with a ⁣light and airy texture. We⁣ highly recommend trying out this Angel Instant Dry Yeast for all your baking needs. ⁣Check ⁤it out on Amazon for a great deal! Click here to get yours!

Features and Benefits

When it​ comes to the of this Angel Instant ⁢Dry Yeast, we were thoroughly impressed. This Chinese top⁢ brand⁣ and manufacturer has packaged‌ this yeast in convenient 15g packs, ​making ⁢it ⁤easy to ⁣use⁤ for baking.⁢ With a ⁤production date and a ⁣shelf life ​of 24 months⁢ clearly labeled‍ on the back of the ⁤package, ⁣you can trust⁣ that you’re getting a fresh ‌product every time.

One of the best things about this yeast is‌ how versatile it is.⁤ You can use it to make a variety of ‍baked goods, from ‍fluffy mantou to ⁢delicious baozi. Simply dissolve the​ yeast in lukewarm water, mix⁤ it with flour, let it ‍rise, and you’re on your way to creating mouthwatering treats. Plus, with a rational fermentation temperature of 30-36°C, you can achieve perfect results ‍every⁢ time. If you’re looking to ⁣elevate your baking game, this Angel Instant Dry Yeast is ⁢a must-have in your pantry. Try⁤ it out for yourself and​ experience the‌ difference!

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In-depth Analysis

Delving into an ‍of the Angel Instant Dry⁢ Yeast, we found a reliable and high-quality product perfect for all your baking needs. This ⁤Chinese top brand offers a convenient package size of 15g per pack, allowing for easy ⁤portioning and‌ use. With‌ a production ‍date that ensures freshness and a shelf life of 24 months, rest ⁤assured ‌that you​ are getting a top-notch product every ‍time.

When using⁢ this⁢ yeast, simply dissolve it ‌in ​lukewarm water and ⁢mix it into your flour⁤ to create a smooth dough.‌ Let it ​rest and rise⁢ in a ‍warm environment for 40-60 minutes, then watch as your dough doubles in size and develops a honeycomb-like texture. ​Whether you’re making ‌mantou, baozi, or any other baked goods, this Angel Instant Dry Yeast will help you ⁤achieve the perfect rise and flavor every time. Elevate your‍ baking game today⁤ by trying out this‍ exceptional​ yeast!

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After trying out the Angel Instant Dry Yeast, we can confidently‍ say‍ that‌ this product is a game changer for ‌all our baking ⁢needs. The convenience of having individual 15g packs makes it⁤ easy to use and store without any⁤ waste. ‍The instructions on the back of ⁣the package were clear and straightforward, guiding us through the process ‌of activating the yeast for our​ delicious bread ‌and pastries. We were ‍impressed by how quickly our dough rose,⁣ thanks to ⁣the high activity level of this yeast.

In ‌terms of quality, this Chinese‌ top brand yeast did not disappoint. The shelf life ⁢of 24 months ensures that we can stock up and have it ready whenever we feel the urge​ to bake. The small pack size is perfect for our household ⁣as it can⁢ leaven 4-5kg of flour. Overall, we highly recommend the ‍ Angel Instant Dry ‌Yeast to ⁣anyone ‌looking for a reliable and efficient baking⁢ companion. Click⁤ here to get your hands on this​ amazing product ‌now!⁤

Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After researching and compiling‌ customer⁤ reviews for the⁢ Angel Instant ⁢Dry Yeast, we ‍have⁣ found some valuable insights from users who have tried and tested this product. Here‍ are some key points‍ from⁤ their experiences:

Customer Reviews
My new ⁤favorite yeast
A good ⁣yeast for both bread making ⁢and home brewing
Perfect size to have open
Allows the flavor of the fruit or the⁣ juice ⁢to ‌come ⁣through in wine or mead
Product of China, but proved ⁤itself

Overall, customers have praised the Angel Instant ‍Dry Yeast for its versatility in both bread making‍ and home brewing. The convenient packaging size and ability to enhance the flavor of beverages ⁣have also been highlighted. Despite initial concerns about its origin, users have been pleasantly surprised by ‍the product’s quality and performance.

Pros⁣ & Cons

Pros & Cons


1.‍ Easy to Use 2. High Activity Level 3. Quick Proofing Time
4. Long Shelf Life 5. Versatile – suitable​ for various baked goods 6. Small individual packages for convenience


1. Instructions primarily in Chinese 2. May ‌require ⁤experimentation⁣ for optimal results 3. Limited quantity per⁤ pack

Overall, we found the⁢ Angel Instant Dry Yeast to be a reliable and ⁣convenient⁤ option for our baking needs.‍ The ease of use and quick proofing time made‌ it a ⁢valuable addition to our kitchen. While the ‍instructions may ‍pose a slight challenge ‌for non-Chinese‍ speakers, the ‍versatility and long​ shelf life of the ​product make it a worthwhile investment for any​ home baker.


Q: How⁤ many packs of Angel Instant Dry Yeast⁤ come ⁤in a ⁢package?
A: The package contains ⁢20 packs of Angel Instant Dry Yeast, each 15g in size.

Q: How much water should I use to dissolve the⁢ yeast?
A: It⁣ is recommended to ⁣use lukewarm water,⁣ around 35 degrees ⁤Celsius, to dissolve the yeast.

Q: How long does it take for the dough to rise?
A: ‍After kneading the dough and letting it rest for about ‍10⁣ minutes, allow it‌ to rise in a ⁤warm ⁣place ⁢(optimal​ fermentation temperature is around 30-36 degrees‍ Celsius) for ⁤about​ 40-60 minutes.

Q: How​ can I tell if the dough is ready⁢ to bake?
A: The dough should double in size ⁤or develop ‍a honeycomb-like texture before it ‌is⁣ ready ‌to be baked.

Q: What should I do if the⁢ room temperature is‍ too low ​for the dough to rise properly?
A: If the environment is⁤ too cold, you can adjust ⁤the amount of yeast used ⁣or extend the fermentation time accordingly.

Remember, baking is a precise science but also an‍ art, ⁣so don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust to find what works best for you in creating delicious ​baked goods with ⁢Angel Instant Dry Yeast! ⁢

Seize‍ the Opportunity

In⁣ conclusion, Angel Instant Dry⁤ Yeast has truly been a ‍game-changer in ‌our baking adventures. With its high quality and easy-to-use ‍packaging, this ‍Chinese top brand yeast has exceeded our expectations.⁤ Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting ⁤out, this product⁣ is a ​must-have in ⁤your pantry. So, why not ⁢elevate your ⁤baking game with‍ Angel Instant‌ Dry Yeast today?

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